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Tummery Primary School, Dromore


In Tummery Primary School, we believe that Personal Development and Mutual Understanding is very much about the development of values and attitudes, learning in this area is therefore active, with children being encouraged to investigate for themselves, to suggest solutions and to make decisions based on what they have learned, thus helping them to become more confident, independent and responsible when making decisions and choices throughout their lives.

Children will experience these skills and attitudes through 2 strands :

  • Personal understanding and health
  • Mutual understanding in the local and global community

In the Foundation Stage, we aim to enhance the emotional development of the children, their understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.  Children are given frequent opportunities to enhance their self-esteem and confidence by making choices and decisions and working co-operatively with others in the classroom.

In Key Stages 1 & 2 opportunities are provided for the children to progress from learning about themselves as individuals to becoming more aware of others and how they interact with others. They are also given opportunities to develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures in the local and wider community, thus preparing them to play an active and meaningful part in the life of the community and being concerned about the wider environment.